Kaja Michelson

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Kaja Michelson


For the past decade, Kaja Michelson has served as an advisor, teacher and coach to people of all walks of life on their quest for gaining physical, emotional and mental health. She is a motivational speaker inspiring her audiences to move from a lifestyle constantly triggering negative stress reactions - to a healthier, happier and more content one - by making powerful and fully manageable changes in their every day lives.

Kaja is Swedish and lives in Dallas, TX with her husband and two daughters. Before moving to Dallas in 2012 she lived in San Jose, Costa Rica, where she gave courses and workshops in Stress & Energy Management at Buena Tierra Studio and Finca Alegria (2009 - 2012).  She is the founder and CEO of Exhale Coaching & Consulting LLC, a Texas based company offering programs for systematic training of physiological, emotional and mental processes focusing on experience-based competence development for individuals, teams and organizations. The Exhale Coaching Practices has proven effective in overcoming fear, anxiety, physical and emotional pain, restless legs, sleeping problems and body aches, as well as reaching the personal goals of the clients wanting better personal-, and professional relationships, and quality of life.

Kaja Michelson started Exhale Coaching LLC, 2015, is the author of the successful storybook  "Alma & Atman" written with inspiration from the award-winning science-based social and emotional skill The Connection Practice®, and daily support people who are looking to take an active part on their journey to feel better - physically, emotionally and mentally. We make it happen through one-on-one coaching, manageable changes in the clients life, and practice.

Board Assignments:

Board Member of "Rasur Foundation International", 2013 - 2017. Rasur Foundation International is a nonprofit organization and the developer of the methodology Connection Practice®. In Costa Rica, more than 1,500 teachers have been trained in the Connection Practice, building the social and emotional intelligence of over 40,000 students. Annual evaluations reveals that bullying, intolerance, conflicts, violence and misconduct reports decreased after the Connection Practice training.

Board Member of "Center for Contemporary Analysis", 2006 - 2009 (Sweden), a politically, religiously and economically independent non-profit organization that was founded in the mid 1990 's. The foundation runs different projects discussing the profound change of the conditions for development, as our worldview and life
situation changes.

Kaja Michelson was a shareholder of the Internet company "Netsolutions AB" (1996-1999) and started her own company "Ki Kommunikation" in Sweden in 1999, working as a consultant in production of online media, communications, strategic planning and executing of multiple programs including conferences, meetings, incentives, events and education for experience based learning. She assisted the Swedish Communications Expert, Film & TV Producer, Annika Dopping, full time between 2001 - 2004

Mental Trainer & Int. Dipl. Coach, ICC, Scandinavian International University
(Lambent International Certification Coaching Training recognised by the EMCC, the ICF and the ICC), (2010).

Int. Dipl. KundaliniYoga & Meditation teacher - 1000h, Swedish Institute for Yogic Medicine, (2008).

Certified Connection Practice Coach & Curriculum Teacher, Rasur Foundation International, University for Peace of Costa Rica (2012)

Certified Conscious Breathing Coach, Sorena AB, (2013).

​Studies in Media & Communication, Sweden (1993 - 1996).

1107 Shadetree Lane, Allen, TX, USA, 75013 1107 Shadetree ln, Sverige

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